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My feed was a lot more diverse this week, compared to last. LeBron James is out indefinitely, with a high right ankle sprain. I feel like I haven’t heard much of anything about this, I thought it would be bigger news. Beware carcinogen found in hand sanitizers that plugged pandemic gap, according to Bloomberg, it from the pics it's the cheap one in the middle aisle.

I tweeted Kanye with a link to the next article that crossed my feed, It had his vibe all over it. Scientists have made fabrics from polythene in a move they say could reduce plastic pollution and make the fashion industry more sustainable. The new textiles have potential uses in sports wear, and even high-end fashion, according to US researchers. The plastic "cloth" is more environmentally-friendly than natural fibers, and can be recycled, they say. The researchers say the fabric is less damaging to the environment than the likes of wool, cotton, linen, silk, nylon and polyester, and can be washed in cold water, further reducing the environmental footprint. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Textile manufacturing consumes huge amounts of water and generates millions of tons of waste, as well as 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Since we're on the internet, know your internet protections, thanks to Previous AG Becerra they just got better. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grants California consumers the right to know, the right to delete, and the right to opt-out of the sale of the personal information collected by businesses. It also affords additional protections for minors. The initial set of regulations went into effect on August 14, 2020. However, the Department had withdrawn certain provisions to clarify processes for businesses subject to the law. Today marks OAL’s approval of the Department’s amendments, the final step in making these regulations effective as law. Speaking of Attorney General, Gov Newsom has picked a replace for Becerra, Rob Bonta. Which would make Bonta, a Democratic state Assembly member, the first Filipino American to hold the post. The attorney general oversees the California Department of Justice, which has 4,500 attorneys, investigators, peace officers and other workers; advises the state government on legal issues; and defends the state in court when it faces litigation. The attorney general also assists local prosecutors and police agencies with criminal investigations, and prosecutes offenders of state laws including those that protect the environment, charities and gun safety.

Convention Center will soon be used to house unaccompanied migrant children, the city and county announced Monday. An outdoor recreational area will also be created onsite, according to a statement from San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher. The average stay for each minor is expected to be about a month, and children will not be allowed to leave until they are released to a family member or guardian, according to the statement. Nearly 5,000 minors are currently in the custody of Customs and Border Protection, a number that has been growing steadily. Funding for use of the San Diego convention center will come from the Health and Human Services' Refugee Resettlement Program. This thing is a whole political shitshow, they’re kicking the homeless out (1st they said to open a Super Vaccination site) to house unaccompanied migrant children. It’s better if they’re not in cages (regardless of title) and have a chance to reunite with their families; but reports have been made that these kids aren’t being vaccinated, and when reunited with families are just simply released back beyond the border to try again. For those who are worried about Covid and border security, that is a problem. What I would like to see before I form an opinion would be the inside of these “facilities”. President Biden’s Administration has refused to allow media access, with this news, maybe they’re trying to make it look pretty before they let the cameras in. I also have an issue with housing children far from the border, San Ysidro, Chula Vista, IB are all closer to the border than Downtown San Diego. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 will be sending $647.5 million to the county, according to the office of Nathan Fletcher. I wonder if some of that money is attached to that, or is it attached to relocate the homeless and facilitate them so that they can do this.

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has embarked on an aggressive new effort to push back against the well-funded effort to recall him, arguing that the campaign is being driven by followers and allies of former President Donald Trump, who is deeply unpopular in California, as he tries to marshal the state's Democrats to stand behind him. Retired Yolo County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Orrin Heatlie and 124 other people filed a petition to recall Newsom based on what they view as his role in the state's high taxes, widespread homelessness, lack of affordable housing, out of control wildfires and rolling blackouts. As mentioned in previous posts, the lockdowns didn’t temper the flames either. On top of that, reports are coming out that despite their differing approaches, California and Florida have experienced almost identical outcomes in COVID-19 case rates. Which will probably be brought up during the recall debates. If you follow me on IG you know what I think.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hinted during a visit to New Delhi on Saturday that India’s planned purchase of an advanced Russian missile system could trigger U.S. sanctions, but left room for New Delhi to back away from the deal. “We certainly urge all our allies and partners to move away from Russian equipment … and really avoid any kind of acquisitions that would trigger sanctions on our behalf,” Austin said in response to a question from a reporter about India’s plan to acquire the S-400. The United States has in recent years sought to pull India from Russia’s and China’s orbit with high-profile visits and increasing arms sales and military cooperation. But India’s planned purchase of the S-400 could prove a flashpoint, particularly after Congress imposed sanctions on Turkey for acquiring the same system. The pandemic really made me forget about our foreign relations. The web is quite interesting: India buying weapons from Russia. Russia and China are friendly. China and India have conflicts along the border, and trade relationship is iffy. I would assume China and Russia trade tech & weapons (even though both are very independent). America hates China tech because it’s more advanced and it hates Russia from WW1, so if you’re doing business with them America will cut you off of the Dollar. Austin noted that the United States does work with countries that operate Russian equipment “from time to time.” U.S. officials have said the S-400 cannot co-exist with U.S. equipment, as it can be used to collect intelligence on U.S. systems. They are particularly concerned about Russia using the S-400 to learn about the F-35 fighter jet’s advanced capabilities. So we are left to assume that they may already have that information (and then some) so what is the real reason. Austin also addressed questions on Afghanistan, noting that President Joe Biden had not yet made a decision about the timing of any potential drawdown even as a May 1 deadline to withdraw all U.S. troops from the country looms. As Biden weighs a decision, the Pentagon has presented options ranging from leaving by May 1 as planned to staying indefinitely at current troop levels, according to two defense officials familiar with the discussions.

Just a sidebar China is considering creating a State-Backed Company to oversee tech data, interesting for the economic, military, and political relationships.

To summarize, this week has informed me that I can possibly expect kids in cages coming to SD, if so that will be another thing that Gov. Newsom will have to go up against. I was right about hand sanitizer being bad for you. India is close to being sanctioned by the US gov, over weapons. I will hold tight to my Raytheon stock (: RTX). There was a deal reached to fast-track legalizing marijuana in New York. Investor Chase Gharrity filed a lawsuit at the Delaware Chancery Court alleging that Tesla Inc (: TSLA) Musk continues to send "erratic tweets," which violates a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The lawsuit accuses Tesla's board of failing to control Musk for sending the tweets, even after the SEC directives, causing the company "substantial damage," including billions of dollars in lost market capitalization. If you follow Musk’s tweets, I can see Gharrity winning.

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