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Summary: Crypto collectibles have exploded, a tweet auctioning for AT LEAST $2.5 million. California has yet another new program to get more people vaccinated, the part that makes it illogical, there aren't enough shots. Governor Newsom is feeling the heat from the recall and is opening everything back up, starting with schools in by March and quickly followed by amusement parks by April. Congress saved pension funds, I did a quick YouTube search on pension funds and learned some things about CalPERS.

Tidal, Dorsey, NFT

Crypto collectibles have exploded. Jack Dorsey appears to be offering to sell the very first tweet (currently for $2.5 million) as a non-fungible token, or NFT. A non-fungible token is a unique digital file stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable and thus are not fungible. Ownership of these assets is recorded on a blockchain, a digital ledger similar to the networks that underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, unlike most currencies, a person can’t exchange one NFT for another as they would with dollars or other assets. Each NFT is unique and acts as a collector’s item that can’t be duplicated, making them rare by design (According to CNBC). Blockchain-based NFTs reintroduce the concept of property rights into digital media markets, and they do so through software-enforced capitalist logic. Conceptually, we are also bringing media to financial markets, joining creative output and its $10 billion per year financialization. Tidal has 70 million songs and 250,000 videos, and is being majority-bought by the payments processor for $300 million. According to estimates from ARK Invest, Tidal runs around $170 million in revenue, and has 1 million to 2 million subscribers paying $13 per month. Square is well positioned to (1) bank and monetize the creators, and (2) then use the voice of the creators to grow adoption of Square itself. Although Tidal will continue to operate independently post acquisition, Square intends to integrate it into its seller and Cash App ecosystems. This will expand Square’s service offerings. Main bonus for the deal, soon digital media auctions will be all the rave, and the other bonus, Dorsey can evolve Twitter to compete with TikTok.

Cali: Covid, Newsom, & Reopening

So much to talk about. Started the year with $15 billion surplus and plan to invest $10 billion in infrastructure. California has yet another new program to get more people vaccinated, the part that makes it illogical, there aren't enough shots. Moderna’s labeling information calls for a second dose 28 days after the first, but the CDC says the second vaccine can be safely delayed up to 42 days if necessary. UC San Diego Health, which operates the Petco Park site, cancelled and rescheduled their second-dose appointment on four occasions due to low supply. As of late February, nearly three million Americans were left waiting more than the targeted 28 days for a second dose. UCSD spokesman Scott Lafee said: "the university’s doctors do not believe delays longer than 42 days will weaken the effectiveness of the second dose. With some vaccines, a longer wait actually improves efficacy", he noted. That won't stop them (State to Local Government) from shutting down homeless shelter/ programs in the Convention Center. They're shutting it down to open up another mass vaccination site even though they have one at Petco Park across the street. Governor Newsom is feeling the heat from the recall and is opening everything back up, starting with schools in by March and amusement parks by April.

The state of California launched a new program Friday that gives the residents the opportunity to get vaccinated by volunteering to help get others inoculated at sites across the state. MyTurnVolunteer is an online tool that allows you to look for clinics and mass vaccine sites seeking help based on your zip code. Medical volunteers, including registered nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and dentists, may assist in vaccination efforts, whether prepping vaccines or injecting and observing patients. Non Medical volunteers may assist with tasks like providing in-language support, greeting vaccine recipients, sanitizing surfaces, directing traffic, and registration. While some locations are asking for eight-hour shifts, Aguilar said if you work four hours or more, you can receive a vaccine with approval from the clinic administrator—even if you're not eligible within the state's framework that's prioritizing health care workers, seniors and some essential workers such as teachers.

According to LA Times, more than 700 people at a temporary homeless shelter in the San Diego Convention Center will begin moving into smaller shelters the week of March 22, but the waterfront venue isn’t expected to host any events in the foreseeable future. Instead, the Convention Center soon could become a mass vaccination site, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher said Friday during a news conference outside the complex. For the past 11 months, the Convention Center had been the site of the city’s 1,300-bed Operation Shelter to Home. Mayor Todd Gloria said it served more than 4,000 people and helped find permanent or longer-term housing for 1,300 individuals and 43 families. Fletcher said homeless people will be among those given priority for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because requiring a second shot could be challenging for people living on the street. So far, there are no medical teams that are administering vaccines to the unhoused, but Fletcher said the county may begin such a program. Deacon Jim Vargas, president and CEO of Father Joe’s Village, said the nonprofit’s medical teams that already are doing street outreach could begin providing vaccines to people living without shelter. Father Joe’s Villages is overseeing about 400 of the 737 homeless people at the Convention Center shelter this week, and Vargas said there is more than enough room at Golden Hall to accommodate them all. The Alpha Project, which is overseeing clients in another section of the Convention Center shelter, will move 286 adults to its tented shelters. Some people from the Convention Center also will move to an interim shelter at Connections Housing, which is operated in downtown San Diego by People Assisting the Homeless. I have an issue with that. Why shut down the shelter when Petco Park Super Station exists?

According to News10, Despite the arrival of the new Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, San Diego County’s weekly allotment of doses fell short of expectations. The county expects to receive nearly 50,000 doses of the three authorized vaccines this week. That’s roughly the same total San Diego County received last week when it only had access to the Pfizer and Moderna jabs. By Tuesday, the county expects to gather 21,060 doses of Pfizer, 14,400 doses of Moderna and 14,300 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department will begin administering the J &J vaccine Tuesday at the Balboa Park municipal gym. CVS pharmacies began rolling out the new shots on Saturday. So, we’re low on vaccines and we want to move a vulnerable population for what? Petco is right next door, the convention center is spacious enough, and there’s no events coming because Newsom still has us closed. At the very least they should vaccinate those that want it, and then transition them to one of the aforementioned sites. Especially since Father Joe’s Village can administer the shots, and they’re currently present at the Convention Center. I’m assuming they want to close it because Newsom is feeling the Recall heat, and will be opening up sporting events and other distractions to ease the tension before the special election. Theme and amusement parks would be permitted to restart on April 1 with severely limited capacity, but only if the counties where they operate are removed from the “purple” tier of California’s color-coded COVID-19 restrictions, the system’s most stringent classification. Walt Disney World in Florida reopened last July with limited capacity.

Bernie Sander even had to come to his defense on Twitter: "Right-wing Republicans in CA are trying to recall @GavinNewsom for the crime of telling people to wear masks and for listening to scientists during COVID. Extremist Republicans have done enough to undermine democracy already. We must all unite to oppose the recall in California," the Vermont senator and progressive tweeted to his 15 million followers.

Congress Save Retirees

Congress sets aside $86 billion to rescue nearly 200 failing pension plans nationwide, guaranteeing full pensions for more than a million retirees and workers. Under the pension bailout, money to assist eligible plans would come directly from the U.S. Treasury Department as grants, not as loans, as originally proposed. Plan participants would receive 100% of their earned pension benefits. U.S. Rep. Richard E. Neal, the Massachusetts Democrat who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, was a crucial player in the last-minute scramble to enact what Democrats called “the American Rescue Plan.” “We are helping workers and retirees who have done everything right, saved year after year, and now, thanks to the American Rescue Plan, they won’t lose their hard-earned savings,” Neal said in a statement. In all, the U.S. Labor Department has officially designated 61 pension plans in “critical and declining” status, its most serious designation. It lists 112 more in “critical” status, a somewhat less serious category. Both groups would receive money. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., a federal bailout agency. It pays multiemployer-plan retirees only about 25 cents on the dollar. The Benefit Corp. has been assisting so many bankrupt plans that it itself is to run out of money in about five years. The pending law would extend its solvency for 25 years, aides to Neal said. I think this plan isn't really a part of pandemic relief in the obvious ways. I feel the Dems were thinking big picture with this, protecting people's retirement during a pandemic will cut off more pressure to unemployment, most likely the Rona Recession hit a hot of portfolios hard. Which leads me to my issue, I need the politicians to tell me what strings did they add to the bailout money. Bailing out retirees is what they should be doing with taxpayer dollars, bailing out bad fund mangers is a different thing. I did a quick YouTube search on pension funds and the main videos that came up were involving a warning about a crash/ crisis, main one was CalPERS, going back at least 3 years. We have cities in my state that owe a billion alone. Pensions get very interesting.


I have superhero news coming at me from all directions. WandaVision is done, AMAZING. The style, the storytelling, the progression of the MCU, EVERYTHING. The internet is linking it to the obvious sequel, Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness, and Spider-man 3: No Way Home. Other ones include: Secret Invasion, and Captain Marvel 2. Blade will start filming, I’m assuming it is unrelated to Wanda, and Falcon and Winter Soldier will start in a week or so (taking the WandaVision slot).

Superman has been all on my feed since, a new Superman project was announced potentially starring MBJ, and rumors that Cavill was being replaced. Stories about it being because he wouldn’t shoot cameos for other DCEU movies, but that was squashed when one of the bosses tweeted that Cavill is there Superman. But a Black Superman is on the way, DC seem to be doing multiple movies with the same heroes (i.e. Batman). Henry Cavill reportedly wants $10 million to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Britain. Henry Cavill was also reported talking with Dwayne Johnson about making a Superman/Black Adam fight happen. Johnson will also produce Black Adam through his Seven Bucks banner, which was co-founded by his ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia, who also happens to be Henry Cavill’s manager. I'm not a Superman fan, but I'll watch anything with The Rock.

The Future is Now

Kroger opened America’s first automated warehouse in Monroe this week, according to the Journal-News. The $55 million, 335,000-square-foot customer fulfillment center features digital and robotic capabilities that allow Kroger to assemble an order of approximately 50 items in six minutes with robotics instead of approximately 30 to 45 minutes with a Kroger employee picking them up from various areas of the store. It’s set to employ more than 400 people. Kroger plans to open other Ocado sheds this year, McMullen said. The company has announced locations for 10 of its 20 planned customer fulfillment centers.

Starlink has won federal funds to expand rural internet access in Maine. Some aren't happy with it regarding price and system, and whether it can keep its fast speeds when more customers and electronic devices are connected and to what degree it can be scaled to accommodate more users. It is being tested by about 10,000 users worldwide, according to a recent report SpaceX filed with federal regulators. It has been said the initial $500 equipment investment plus $90 per month for service means the network is an option for people who have money and are unhappy with their current provider, but it is no panacea for Maine’s rural broadband problem. The company, which plans to have more than 4,000 satellites in orbit, currently has one-quarter of that amount. Every two weeks, it launches 60 satellites on one rocket to fill in the gaps. The Starlink satellite network connects to gateways on the ground, including one at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone. Starlink is also one of four companies awarded a total $71.2 million over 10 years by the Federal Communications Commission to bring high-speed broadband to close to 28,000 rural locations in Maine. The network’s performance might be further diminished because SpaceX plans to use Starlink for military, commercial and other applications such as smart cars, Cartesian’s vice president Michael Darque, told a Broadband Breakfast webinar in February. I like Musk, I think he's more show than function. We can agree that we transformed Tesla into something great, but he didn't found the company, he bought in. Nothing is wrong with that, I feel like he is more of a visionary and not much of the engineer hands-on type. But I support him and a lot of his agenda, and wish nothing but success.


From Politico IG, Democrats in the New York Legislature took their most concrete step against an increasingly embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday, passing a bill that imposes some limits on his king-like emergency powers as they grow increasingly frustrated with the leader of their party. Cuomo has since had the power to unilaterally enact laws through decrees. The bill from legislative Democrats removes that power. But it leaves intact the executive actions currently that are on the books.

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