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Contact With Black America (CWBA)

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

If you haven't read the Full Contract (here) you should. I boiled it down to the following points that I felt highlighted the agenda.

  1. Don't understand affirmative action and secondary schools when it comes to students. College is expensive, not everyone is made or meant for college. Republicans will not pay for college, you would need Progressive Democrats and there isn't one on the ticket. I like the affirmative action for faculty.

  2. I love the idea for local funding for schools to be per student instead of funding with property taxes.

  3. Mandatory civil rights and anti-racism classes, now I know where Trump got the talking point from. I feel it would be a hard pass, but Black history is American history. More importantly, I wanted to open doors for other cultures and races to be learned by our youth.

  4. A formal apology for Black America.

  5. Interest-free loans to promote Black home ownership.

  6. MMT / spending when ONLY actual inflation appears .

  7. "Baby Bonds" but I'm bias towards my "Woodrow Bailout".

  8. Include rent and utilities in credit scores (I feel is just data a collection campaign on behalf of the credit bureaus).

  9. Cookie jar (fight human trafficking / save our kids).

  10. 13.4% of federal budget into black owned businesses

  11. Corporations tax returns made public.

  12. Equal pay for prisoners (meaning Federal minimum).

  13. Open up the DOJ to be sued to eliminate the excuses of political parties.

  14. 5% of DOD budget to Black neighborhoods to further recruitment efforts and positive relationships.

  15. Water safety priority in future infrastructure spending bill.

  16. Technology action plan, which lines up with 5G push.

  17. Mandatory malpractice insurance for police departments with demands.

  18. Municipalities liable for officers actions.

  19. Police unions can be held liable.

  20. Mandatory name tags and affiliation requirements for officers.

  21. Whistleblower protections.

  22. Remove officers from schools.

  23. Paid community service for officers.

  24. Domestic abuse services.

  25. 5+ gunshots = back police academy.

  26. Officers must present "Reason for Contact".

  27. End asset forfeitures.

  28. $20.5 billion dollars in reparations / investment in Black America.

  29. Can't get behind the Entertainment Section. Seem to cross into private sector.

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