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Special Elections April 2021

Now I approach this as: they're trying to sell themselves to the public, instead of, them pandering and using identity politics. I'm not going to lie I read Dr. Akilah Weber's part first. She's a front runner so why not right? *Side note they give everyone's age except Marco* They highlight the word only when referring to the candidate endorsed by the Democratic party. Mentions the fact that she's a doctor and ties it in with covid-19. But since we're almost going to be at a new normal soon does that even matter? She works with the ready children's hospital San Diego and teachers medicals students at UCSD and all I get from that is that she's comfy with the unions. Which depending on which side of the fence you're on could be a good thing or bad thing. It mentions that she's a wife & mother of 2 and she volunteers teaching STEM education to local youth. There's nothing terrible about any of that. Her focuses will be around quality health care for all, help local businesses recover and restore lost jobs, fully fund public education system, lower financial barriers for college, combat climate change, and tackle the root housing and mental health causes of the homelessness crisis. I can make an argument that three of those focuses would make her union ties a lot of money and a lot of opportunity for even more money. but if money's being made doing it good and honest work then it's money well earned and those causes are... cool in some ways, but we'll see how it shapes up. I feel that she's capable of doing the Medicare for all and tackling homelessness in a very efficient way due to her training and practice as a doctor. And the fact that she teaches STEM education is a great benefit for reshaping our education system. She's also endorsed by everybody, so there's that. The party literally left everybody else high and dry. 😂

Marco Contreras. A small business owner his bio is short... Compared to the others. I like it, it's simple he believes in community in the need for effective approach of leadership he wants the government to represent the people and listen to the people preserve the future of the education system. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Leticia Munguia. Daughter of immigrants. Community organizer and business representative. She also has ties to the union. She believes in education which is a good thing she have a case for Medicare for all college accessible and affordable. She apparently knows how to win funding. She went to law school, manager program and developed a Spanish speaking outreach program. I like her on paper, I'm really gonna have to see a debate or something. Shane Suzanne Parmely A public school teacher and a community organizer. A school teacher for 20 years. Not taking any pack money her focus is are a safe school reopening plan, health care for Californians who lost work-based insurance, and faster vaccine distribution. None of those seem worthy of electing her onto anything besides something that's temporary. Also apparently helped overturn El Cajon's ban on distributions for the homeless. Local San Diegan, progressive, teacher. I like the idea of being a local and addressing local issues, but the voter doesn't get much from any of these voter bios.

On paper most of them look good, it'll take more research to know which one I want to elect. The frontrunner is likely to win, I find it interesting that there hasn't been any promotion or anything regarding this election, I know they have a recall election for governor to put together but they shouldn't let ANY election go without mass promotions to inform the voters.

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