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Peek Into My Portfolio: Q2

Updated: May 10, 2023

Recap: Q1 Opinion on the market. I'm consolidating and trimming my portfolio. I feel the market is too volatile and expensive for some of the things I want. So I'm going to prioritize paying down debt, and fulfilling buy orders I placed last year & early this year. So the market may have slightly corrected, but not all the buy orders I wanted were filled, but a few sell orders were filled, and profit was taken. For current market conditions, I think it'll pay off more to focus on a specific investment strategy and portfolio mix. Plans for Q2 include increasing shares to my top holdings and aggressively dismantling the debt I currently have or restructuring it using balance transfers and new credit lines. I calculated my debt-to-income ratio in January, and it was around 29%, I've increased my debt load while transferring fund with the balance transfer approach, the plan is still on course, So I was able to do my combination of transfer and pay off. I applied to 3 cards within the first week: BOA, Citi, & US Bank. BOA was an instant approval, Citi needed more info & then they approved, and US Bank said they'll let me know (they never let me know). So I transferred my debts that were coming due to 2 new credit cards at 0% for at least a year.

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