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Biden, Native Americans, & Black Reparations

The article (check link below) begins with the writer announcing Biden saying he was in favor of paying slavery reparations to African Americans and Native Americans if studies found direct cash payments to be viable options. Unfortunately, I missed the town hall he had with NAACP. I’ll summarize the article for you: Biden gave general solutions and when pressed he said he’ll support studying the idea, then (politically) complicated it by attaching Native Americans to the proposal. Not to say that I don’t believe the Indigenous People are entitled and deserving of reparations, but they ALREADY have a government department dedicated to their issues.

So when I first read the article, that was my first thought. I thought Native Americans already received: land, checks, and tribal sovereignty, it only took a simple search to discover that wasn’t true. The Indigenous People face many problems similar to that of Black Americans, so it makes sense to want to link the two, but for career politicians like Joe Biden, he knows how difficult to pass something like that.

First, I want to review Biden on this issue, but the main focus is on issues on the Native American and how we can build the foundation of slavery reparations for Black Americans off of the template already in place for Native Americans.


Check out the entire piece here.

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