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My Portfolio: 22Q4

This issue of Peek Into My Portfolio is a summary of my financial situation for the 2022 Q4. If there is anything you want to know feel free to ask in the comments.


22Q1 had dead cats bouncing through the quarter. 22Q2 Appears to be the beginning of the rebound for me, or at least discovered the resistance. In 22Q3, it's reassuring how markets are finding solutions and getting what they can done. That being said, things are breaking and I'm not sure if they're fixing fast or substantial enough. Experts claim liquidity is high, but they're all going for real assets (land) at the same time the housing market is overpriced for working people and unstable. Overall, there's also a lot of bailout funds out there: Infrastructure Bill, Inflation Reduction Bill, Chips Act along with others. Corporations will be back in the black, while main street America is left out on the streets.

Portfolio/ Investments

Buy, Sell, Watch

Last quarter: I sold shares in F, CBON, USDC, & SPXS; and added, ARCC, USDC, SPXS, MRK, ETH, ADDYY, & ALLY. Stocks on my watchlist: ACI, MRK, KBWD, EMLC, VZ, KO, STWD, DG, ADDYY, TOLZ, GOLD, ALLY, GM, IBN, HDB & JPM.

This quarter: I sold shares in USDC, BYFC, and exited SPXS & ABNB; and added, BAM, BN, USDC, SPXS, MRK, ETH, ADDYY, ALLY, AXP, VZ, CMF, GWRS, XLU, SPGM, AGM, CBON, CMCSA, & BYFC. Stocks on my watchlist: ACI, BAM, BN, MRK, KBWD, EMLC, VZ, STWD, DG, ADDYY, TOLZ, GOLD, ALLY, GM, IBN, HDB & JPM.

Kroger is trying to buy Albertson's. Brookfield spun off its asset manager, creating two holdings. I didn't appreciate what Adidas did to Kanye, stealing designs are wrong. Gold does not want to drop, so hopefully that means progress. Starwood gives a great dividend, but the stock is tanking, and I thought the massive land grab by corporations would rally the stock price. The main thing many of these stocks have in common is they all pay a dividend. This year's total: $528.85. Previous year: $378.91. This year results: 218 payments and increased dividend income by about 39.57% compared to 2021. Q1 (&Q3) continues to be the weakest quarter, Q2 (&Q4) appears to be strongest. Follow me on Twitter for tweet threads involving stocks.

Top 10 Allstars




As previously mentioned last post, I changed some tracking methods. I separated my general portfolio from W.E.S. Rose. There's a whole new lineup in town, all companies that have been on my watchlist at some point during the last year. MRK would be number 1 if it didn't take off so beautifully, triggering a sell order. I'm glad SCCO and CGW has made their way back into the spotlight, they both took a real beating since I added them to my portfolio. That stop loss I placed on AXP took it out of my Top Performers and knocked it off completely to 5th in my Top 10 (on the revised list). VZ made both Allstars and Worst Performers.

Small Bets

Q4 Tickers: RTX, WBD, & BYFC

This list is comprised of my smallest positions. RTX has really taken off triggering a sell order to take profits. WBD was given as part of the spinoff/ merger and have been tanking ever since. If the stock gave a dividend, I'd probably be more in. Last, we have BYFC, which has not been flowing in its usual manner, it has become harder to trade since the pandemic.

Top Performers

Q3 Tickers: VICI, AXP, MSFT

Q4 Tickers: MRK, VICI, & AFL

MRK has been on an uptrend for a while now causing it to take the top spot, and AFL removed AXP from the list for the first time since tracking. MSFT lost its spot and dropped to 6th, behind AXP & KO.

Worst Performers

Q3 Tickers: HOOD, SCCO, GOLD, DPSGY, & T.

Q4 Tickers: HOOD, VZ, SOFI, GOLD, & ALLY.

The 5 laggers are interesting because VZ (one of my top dividend payers) came in second. Telecom is being taken by T-Mobile unfortunately. Maybe that makes this a deal, or maybe it's still a falling knife. ALLY is another stock that surprised me, they have a clever scheme to attract deposits; offering cash back on "new money" deposited into saving, money market, and CD accounts by Nov, held until end of Jan, with the money being credited at the end of Feb. They also provide the highest rate compared to peers. GOLD is putting up a fight, but I have no problem building a position at $12-$14 range, if I have to. I actually would buy more in every stock on the list except HOOD & SOFI.

W.E.S. Rose & Shield

At the current time, WES:RS has 9 holdings. Current market value (CMV) is $8,025.79. WES:RT market value is $340.65. Portfolio down -0.874% (-$70.74). The portfolio ended the year in good shape considering all that took place in the markets this year, the portfolio bottomed at 4% in Q3 before rallying towards the end of Q4. Most of the value is liquid (38.75% cash) to ensure distribution payments to ticket holders, which have benefited from that cash positioning by avoiding much of the year's: market volatility, recession, and market breakdowns. The main objective going into 2023 is to prepare for deepening recession (possible Depression), and hedge to protect distribution payments and grow portfolio income.

Inflation, Recession, Stagflation!!! Oh My!!!

In Conclusion

The underground economy, also known as the informal economy (everything done outside of Uncle Sam's eyes and tax reach), may be the key to the Great Reset. The market oligarchs raise prices, initiating another wealth transfer through gas, food, and rent, from the underground economy into the main street economy through inflation. As of November, 63% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck, according to a monthly LendingClub report — up from 60% the previous month and near the 64% historic high hit in March. "Americans are cash-strapped and their everyday spending continues to outpace their income, which is impacting their ability to save and plan," said Anuj Nayar, LendingClub's financial health officer. Sectors: insurance, medical, agriculture, consumer goods, and utilities are proving to be recession/ inflation resistant. As the world adjusted to a new normal post-Covid, we must prepare for a worsening recession by (at least) mid-2023. Fed officials expect growth to slow to a crawl of 0.5% next year, while unemployment rises almost a percentage point to 4.6% — which likely means more than 1 million Americans would lose their jobs. Even with this pain, inflation proves surprisingly sticky, only gradually slowing back to 2% by 2025. I doubt I'll ever see gas under $3 /gallon ever again but has seen from the tracking, gas prices decreased throughout Q4. Market movers, experts, and whales believe hard times are coming; credit markets have tightened, those (like myself) that thought they could rely on leverage to provide a buffer against inflation was caught off guard by the contraction of credit limits in some accounts. Now is the time to: deleverage, pay down debts, invest in dividend stocks, rebuild emergency fund, and buy real assets.

It’s crazy that I have to say this but: none of this is investing advice and you should do your own research and never take the word of someone else without doing so. All investing involves risk, and only you can decide what to risk and is worth risking for. And you look stupid trying to sue someone because you followed blindly.

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