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50-ish Questions 4 a Nominee

So with the election less than 3 months away, I had some questions for ALL the candidate running for President & VP.

Please send questions you have to the campaigns of the candidates so you can be best informed.


Do you support free / affordable college?

Do you support trade schools?

Do you support charter schools?

Do you support the parent's say in their child's education?

Plans on student loan crisis?


Is access to affordable healthcare a human right?

Do you support Medicare 4 All (M4A)?

What is you plan to lower prescription drug prices?

What is you plan to lower healthcare prices?

Do you support consumers being able to purchase insurance across state lines?

Do you support mandatory vaccinations?

Plans to support mental health?

Food & Drug:

Plans to lower food prices?

Plans to end food deserts?

Plans to provide children with nutritious meals?

Plans to advance medical science?

Do you support stem cell research?

Do you support patients right to participate in clinical trials of experimental medicines?

Plans to improve FDA?

Plans to support small and local farmers?

Do you support legalization of marijuana?

Do you support decriminalization of all drugs?


Do you support reallocating funds from police department to other intervention services? Aka #Defundthepolice

Do you support demilitarizing the police?

Plans to hold police accountable?

Do you support ending cash bail?

Support ending for-profit prisons and other forms of slave labor?


Plans to provide a affordable housing?

Plans to support Indigenous People and their land?

Plans to end homeless?

Plans to support rural America?

Is homeownership still the American Dream?

Everyday Questions:

Plans to lower taxes? And who for?

Should sex work be legal for consensual adults?

Plans to save social security?

Do you support reparations for slavery?

Do you have a plan for Black America?

Do you support auditing the Fed?

Do you support ending the NSA permission to spy and collect data on American citizens?

How would you address the biggest criticism the public has of you?

Plans to expand access to the ballot?

Do you support term limits?

Water & Energy:

Do you support renewables and green energy?

Plans for green jobs?

Plans to protect water?

Plans to make clean water more accessible to all citizens?

Do you believe access to clean water is a human right?

Plans to lower energy costs?

Plans to get off foreign oil?

Plans for green infrastructure?

Plans to modernize nation's power grid?

Plans to combat climate change/disasters?

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